Ladderlift verhuur in heel Belgie

Ladderlift rental

in Belgium, Luxemburg
Dutch- and French border


Depending on the type of move, Liftexpress will suggest the most ideal lift for you.

We have just acquired a new removal lift / ladder lift and can now go up to 20 floors high – and this still at the very best competitive prices.


We only rent out ladder lifts accompanied by operational support in order to make your move as safe as possible.

Our experienced lift operators will assist you in word and deed and stand guarantee for a smooth and safe move across the whole of Belgium and this at a competitive price.


Why spend hours and hours dragging boxes and furniture up staircases, with the added chance of dangerous situations and damage to walls and contents?

With a ladder lift your move is done without any delay.


Our team has experience with any type of move, from exclusive paintings to large pieces of furniture.

Liftexpress guarantees a smooth and safe move.