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Ladder lift rental for a smooth move

For your valuable furniture or goods that cannot be carried up a staircase or be placed in a lift, for the delivery of a new living room or for unloading a removal van, a ladder lift or furniture lift is usually the most simple, safest and cheapest solution!

For your move, LiftexpressLiftexpress offers ladder lifts that can reach between the first floor and the 17th floor, with a capacity of 300 kg.

Thanks to our professional service, your move is done without any delay! Our experienced team is always at your disposal across the whole of Belgium as well as in the French and Dutch border regions!

If you want to rent a ladder lift or furniture lift, liftexpress is the answer.

3th floor

Portable electrical lift for difficult access or from the garden up to the 3rd floor

  • 2 operators
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6th floor

With this pull-lift we can reach spots that cannot easily be accessed, by using the garage or the garden for instance and this way go up to as high as the 6th floor.

  • 1-2 operator(s)
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8th floor

Ladder lifts for moves up to the 8th floor.

Due to a quick installation of the ladder lift we do not need to stay around for a long time.

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17th floor

Ladder lifts on a van for a smooth move to between the 9th and 18th floor.

  • 1 operator
  • 2 operators as from the 13th floor
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