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A week before moving

  • Work room by room for an orderly move
  • Mark boxes with fragile contents
  • If possible pack PC or hi equipment in their original packaging
  • Remove lamps or bulbs from items that should be moved
  • Try to reduce the laundry to the minimum
  • Make everything clean immediately what you are packing
  • Contact your local authorities for a parking so the lift / elevator ladder can park right
  • Use strong boxes. Don’t forget to mark the boxes with the content. Also numbering the boxes by room can be handy.
  • Take care that all the boxes are properly closed and can withstand the weight of the contents
  • Fill boxes that are not completely filled with filling material (Styrofoam chips, air bags, …) so that the content is not damaged (do not use newspapers, they can deliver and offer less protection than special wrapping paper)
  • Pack Flammable and hazardous substances separately in an unsealed box
  • Don’t pack large mirors or paintings. We take care ao them
  • Make sure to have fast food the day of the move