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A large cupboard, wardrobe, three-piece suite, sofa, armchair, desk, desk chair, table, bookshelf, antique cabinet, office furniture, bed, children’s bedroom, garden furniture, paintings, filing cabinet, safe …


American refrigerator, washing machine, tanning bed, Jacuzzi, flat screen TV, large-format printer, water softener, water heater, central heating boiler …

Building materials

Metal sheet stock, parquet, Gyproc or plaster board, flooring, laminate, MDF, OSB, insulation, solar panels, awnings, kitchen, bathroom, shower stall, doors, sliding doors, glass, windows, Ytong, bags of cement or plaster, radiators …

Hoist dimensions

Depending on the specific type of hoist, our ladder platform hoists have a capacity of up to 300kg. The dimensions of the platform also vary according to your needs. For more info, please contact us.