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1. Safety

With our ladder platform hoists, you can make your move smoothly, and without risks for your safety. No need to pass through steep or dangerous staircases.

2. Quick

Our ladder platform hoists have a capacity of up to 300kg. So we can move a whole lot of boxes in one go. If you are well-prepared for the removal, it is easy to limit the rental time of the ladder platform hoist or removal hoist to a minimum.

3. No damages

With our ladder platform hoists, your removal goes smoothly and without any damage to your belongings or to the premises. So, after the move, there is no need for repairs to the plasterwork for damages caused by the removal.

4. Less disassembly

The platform of the ladder hoist is large enough to move large furniture, and it can do this all the way up to the 17th floor. With a ladder platform hoist, it is easy to move furniture that cannot be disassembled or is hard to take apart.

5. Less expensive

Since there is no chance of damages with a ladder platform hoist and the removal proceeds much more smoothly, the cost of a ladder platform hoist is quickly recovered.

6. Large items

With a ladder platform hoist, we can move items that cannot fit through a doorway or a narrow staircase or up a steep staircase. Items such as a three-piece suite, a piano or a Jacuzzi.

7. Healthier

Getting some exercise is never a bad idea, but dragging around heavy boxes or large furniture can be a very bad idea for your back. With a removal hoist, you save yourself a lot of lifting. The platform on the ladder hoist can be positioned at exactly the same height as your window or balcony. So we can simply tilt the furniture and slide it onto the platform.

8. Easy

When you move with a ladder platform hoist, you do not have to drum up half your family and friends to help. One person at the top and one at the bottom of the ladder hoist is usually enough.